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Justin Kapahi
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Workplace by OS33
Written by Workplace by OS33
on September 28, 2018

Financial institutions have fiduciary obligations to protect data, but face a key challenge in maintaining control over that data when accessed from unmanaged devices.

Due to ongoing threats from major hardware vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre, where the threats lie within the device hardware itself, FINRA continues to emphasize the importance of controlling data that independent Reps and Advisors access.

During the recent Workplace Cybersecurity Webinar, OS33’s Compliance and Security experts discussed the benefits of a secure, isolated browser technology that helps mitigate access control and data leakage risks.
Workplace Cybersecurity Webinar - The game-changing secure browser

Key points covered in the webinar:
  • What is a secure, isolated browser?
  • How the secure browser facilitates compliance with regulatory and information security requirements
  • How our latest technology, Workplace Stronghold, can help protect your firm from compromising confidential information while also allowing your Compliance Officers to effectively oversee movement of firm data 
Meet the OS33 cybersecurity and compliance experts:
JustinKapahi Justin Kapahi - VP, Solutions & Security
Marc Gilman - Workplace by OS33 BW Marc Gilman - VP, Compliance & General Counsel
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