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25 Jun 2018
Case Study | 1 min read

Atlanta Consulting Group

Atlanta Consulting Group, a registered investment advisor (RIA) to ins...

22 Jun 2018

Office 365 for Workplace iOS

We are excited to announce that Office 365 is now integrated with the ...

15 Jun 2018
News | 1 min read

Workplace Academy Live in Boston and Chicago

Workplace Academy kicked off the first of its series of live training ...

08 Jun 2018
Workplace Insights | 2 min read

Understanding the South Carolina Insurance Data Security Act

On May 3, 2018, South Carolina enacted the South Carolina Insurance Da...

18 May 2018
Executive Spotlight | 3 min read

Meet Florian Fangohr, VP of User Experience

“Data security and regulatory compliance make it harder to get work do...

20 Apr 2018
Workplace Insights | 2 min read

Cyber insurance as a component of risk management for financial institutions

On April 10, 2018, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Coun...

06 Apr 2018
News | 2 min read

Workplace Client Advisory Board 2018 in Washington DC

The first Workplace Client Advisory Board of 2018 took place in Washin...

03 Apr 2018

Why everybody needs two-factor authentication

According to CSO online, more than a billion plain text passwords from...

23 Mar 2018
Executive Spotlight | 2 min read

Meet Jason Arrigo, our Director of Education

“There’s nothing worse than boring training. It is viewed not only as ...

20 Mar 2018
Feature in Focus | 1 min read

Workplace Mac Application

Our new series, Feature in Focus, highlights new Workplace features th...

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