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Workplace by OS33
Written by Vanessa Valerie Tay
on March 23, 2018

“There’s nothing worse than boring training. It is viewed not only as a waste of time, but also an active theft of productivity.”

Wise words from Jason Arrigo, Director of Education at Workplace by OS33. Jason joined the New York office in November 2017, but he’s had quite the journey prior to joining the team.

Jason Arrigo - Workplace by OS33 - BW.jpeg

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and a Masters in Media Studies, Jason began his career in video production. He started as a Production Assistant and worked his up to becoming a Production Manager. He later joined Apple and Datameer, and the combination of his experiences at both companies led him to find his passion in education and training.

By becoming more customer-centric than before, Workplace needed an experienced technical educator to train users on the features and functionality of the Workplace platform. With a combination of people-centricity and his love for interacting with customers, Jason was the perfect fit for the role.

“You can give anybody a bunch of tools for them to do anything with, but if they don’t know how to use them properly, it defeats the purpose for which the tools were built. I saw a mountain of opportunity to educate people on how best to use the Workplace platform,” said Jason.

Jason has been hard at work, handling everything from new hire training to building a partner accreditation system. If you are a Workplace user, you may actually be familiar with Jason’s voice through our monthly New Features Training sessions.

“When you deliver information, you have to be able to do so in an engaging way, and in a manner as timely as possible, so people don’t just shut off,” said Jason. “It’s important for me to know that I’m educating our users the right way. I want to give them the right tools to take care of their customers, and to ensure they are secure and compliant.”

Jason’s passion for education is apparent as he elaborates on potential developments for educating Workplace users.

“I would love to be able to diversify how we train our customers, such that we can use a variety of different training methods. This can be for in-product training, instructor-led training, or even on-site training,” said Jason. “Whenever I’m interacting with a customer, I love watching the lightbulb flicker on – That’s the moment when they understand whatever I had been explaining, and that’s the best moment for me." 

Building out a training library for Workplace has also been on Jason’s to-do list.

“Our training library is small because we’ve only just started building it. When I think about where I want to take this, I envision myself being able to offer customers 17 different ways to get the information they need, and to validate that knowledge,” said Jason.

At the heart of it, Jason’s end-goal is very much aligned with Workplace.

“I really want to be able to help people understand how to work better. I want to help them save time, energy, and resources, so that they can be productive and continue to help their customers,” said Jason.

Despite having a clear idea of what he has set out to accomplish, Jason remains open and welcoming of feedback.

“Feedback is a gift. It takes effort for the person delivering it to give it to you. You have to be willing to receive and act upon it, for it to be successful,” said Jason. “It’s amazing to be able to meet customers, to hear directly from them, and to find out their needs. The feedback also helps us continuously iterate our product to serve them better.” 

With an ongoing stream of feedback from internal and external parties, time management and resource allocation are of utmost importance to Jason.

“My challenge lies in processing and prioritizing feedback. I have to make the choice on what to focus my team’s time and energy on, and I have to be able to defend that choice. Ultimately, it drives the Education team towards providing the most value for the right audience.”

If you are a Workplace user and you would like to receive email invites to monthly New Features Training sessions conducted by Jason, please inform your company managers.

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